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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WATER AIR LAND Cities and Towns Litter can pollute the town's water,which would result in dirty drinking/bathing water.A way to avoid this is to stop littering. Business & Industries Tossing old merchandise in bodies of water can endanger aquatic life.To ensure the safety of aquatic life; NO dumping in the lakes. Transport A form of transport that can affect water is oil spills in lakes.Oil spills can kill wildlife (birds, fish, etc...),so it's a good idea to keep oil in a safe environment. Cities and Towns People smoking can pollute the air and other people will get second-hand smoke. Cigarettesshould be considered illegal toprevent this. Business and Industries Chemicals rising up from factoriesinto the air could cause a bad breathing area, better filtered ventilation is a solution. Transport The CO2 from vehicles can causeCO2 poisoning in the atmosphere,so electrically powered vehicles are a way to avoid this. Cities and Towns Cities and towns can be built over good farmlandwhich is a result of less crops for everybody, sopeople should build up not out. Business and Industries Mining industries could mine right below theground which would cause it to be less sturdy/durable, so they should do more selective mining. Transport Paving roads could remove good farmland so there should probably be less roads andmore back roads. How Human Settlement Affects Our Evironment Jake
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