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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Crimea A Ukrainian province, with various ports and docks. Russia Sevastopol, a Russian port located it Ukraine has great industrial and military importance. It is Russia's max interest to gain the port's control. pro-Russian Rebels Some Russian descendants decided that Crimea belongs to Russia, and should be separated from Ukraine. Vladimir Putin Russia's president, Vladimir Putin encourages the pro-Russian rebels and starts sendingresources and weapons to help the rebels. All of this, and other reasons is why Russiawants part of Ukraine. In other parts ofUkraine, pro-Russian rebels want to repeat whathappened in Crimea. Viktor used to be part of the Red Army, and he never thoughthe would return to his old job again. This year, Russia's president,Vladimir Putin has cut offoil to Europe via Ukraine. Germany's Chancellor Merkelurged a resolution to the dispute of Russian gas supplies. UN's Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moonhas urged Europe not to use military power to solve the problem,because it could trigger the biggestwar Europe has seen since World War II. November 12th, Russian tanks invade Ukraine, carrying artillery, ammunitionand air defense systems. What would you do if this happened to you? What are some solutions? Re-inforce the border with Russia,avoiding transit of illegalRussian convoys and transport. Reach an agreement of separation of both forces toavoid combat and more deaths. [Ukraine Crisis-News about Russian military aggression in Ukraine] [Russian Tanks move across Ukraine] [24 Step Plan to Solve the Ukraine Crisis] [Ukraine crisis: Will war return?]
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