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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TRANSPORTATION ON AIR,WATER,AND LAND Disturbs adjacent habitat through chemical pollution, noise, lights and other impacts. With causes of ozone. Land Of Transportation Humans Impact On The Air Of Transportation Humans Impact On The Air Of Transportation Is by reducing emissions that cause poor air quality & CO from vehicles. What's The Impact Changing climate change = doubling CO 2 would melt polar ice caps. All extra energy must go somewhere such as the oceans and anywhere else that we need ice. Sustainable Alternatives Air Transportation Public Transit: Less cars on road. Alternatives would be to carpool, take buses, trains, etc. 2 Humans Impact On The Land Of Transportation What's The Impact Sustainable Alternatives Road transport is another main cause of ozone(summertime smog). Ozone does not come directly from vehicles or factories but is created by chemical reactions between other nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons. Dividing an area with a road could cut diversity in half rather than reducing it only by actual area used by the road. Another sustainable alternative is to force people to not drive in the city as much Water Of Transportation Humans Impact On The Water Of Transportation Impacts Marine Transportwith oil spills in oceans and lakes. What's The Impact Reducing the amount of sea in important ship lanes.and damaging marine ecosystem Sustainable Alternatives Less reliance on fossil fuels.
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