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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Genetic engineering It is a group of techniques which allow the manipulation of the genome of a living organism.Such genetic manipulation basically consist on the following:- Insertion of new genes genome.- Eliminating existing genes.- Modifying the information of a particular gene.Fields of genetic engineering.- In the medical field, in the diagnosis of diseases and a possible cure of such diseases.- In forensics fields, identifying dead people or possible criminals.- Pharmaceutical industry.- Agriculture. What is genetic engineering? How do we manipulate genes? - Insertion of new genes into a genome (transferring genes).- Eliminating the existing genes.- Modifying the information of a particular gene. Example The restriction and the endonuclease ECORI was used to cut the frog DNA. Next, the frog DNA fragments were combined with the plasmid vector.The sticky ends of the DNA fragments aligned themselves. Segments were joined together using DNA ligase.Some plasmids incorporate genes other than rRNA gene and some do not incorporate new pieces of DNA.The DNA must be combined with the plasmid.They are stick together with DNA ligase.Because we can´t see this process, we don´t know if that process has worked or not.To test if this is the right protein they let them grow in a medium with a bacteria so only the ones with the gene can survive Plasmid Chromosome Gene responsible for insulin Plasmid cut withthe enzyme Gene inserted inplasmid Plasmid inserted in bacteria. Production of bacteria with the correct gene
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