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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Genetically Engineering Humans: The Fight for Human Rights What is Genetic Engineering? Genetic engineering is commonly defined as changing the DNA and genes of one organism, to produce a new organism. This can result in many different outcomes. Genetic engineering in humans requires DNA from 3 different donors instead of just 2. This alone brings up many debates, but genetically engineering humans as a whole stirs up more ethical issues than we canhandle. The Future No one can predict exactly how genetic engineering will effect our future, but many people have an estimate. Some people believethat genetically engineering embryos will change human evolution. This could create a new race of humans, a race that begins to idolize perfection. Here are some ways genetic engineering can begin to change our evolution:-The new humans will begin to seem perfect-The modifications will travel down to future generations-If at least half of couples decide to genetically engineer theirchild, than the race of people who are not genetically modifiedcould very possibly die out What are the Main Concerns? There are many worries concerning genetic engineering in humans, but the main ones are:- Genetically modified children may become superior to those who are not genetically modified. - The genetically engineered children can have birth defects and certain problems that were not expected when the procedure was performed.- The child can be modified to possess specific traits that can make the child start to idolize perfection.- Genetic modifications can be made to allow the child to excel in athletic, or educational ability, resulting in an unfair advantage. Genetic engineering is a problem that we need to find a solution for. Future generations deserve to experience life without the harmful risks. We need to put an end to people being able to build a baby.
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