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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Genetic Engineering At A Glance Gregor Mendel a.k.aThe Father of Genetics wasthe first to breed pea plants for specific genes and alleles. His discoveries in the 1800's still have relevance in today's genetic engineering.This is where it all began Human's began cloning complex animals in the 60's. Dolly the Sheep was cloned in the late 90's. She was the first mammal ever cloned. She opened the flood gates for genetic engineering capabilitesThe Human Genome Project which sequenced an entire person's DNA played an enornous role in genetic engineering possibilites for humans. Current Legal Capabilities for Human Genetics: Gender selection of child, if a hereditary disease is prevalent in one gender over another, Gene Therapy for diseases and conditions like hemophilia and cystic fibrosis. Surrogate motherhood, and In vitro fetilization. How It Began Progress THE CONTROVERSY & CONSEQUENCES Current Limitations It is currently illegal to clone humans or reproduce for the sole purpose of creating an organ donor although there have been related cases where parentsprocreated and the child was a donor match by chance. It is also currently illegal to choose the gender of a child without a prevelent hereditary disease. Many scientists believe genetic engineeering capabilites are not being completey used to the extent that they could due to laws and limitations. There are theorie that suggest people in the near future will be able to design their children to be exactly how they would want, on top of giving them engineered genes to prevent cancer and disease, given new advancements in technologyLee M. Silver, Biophysist and Bioethics Professor at Harvard, hypothesizes humans will soon engineer their own evolution and those who choose not to will become inferior. However, this creates ethical controversy and conflict with many religious views. Should societyever let science get the point of full blown genetic engineering? How far is too far? (Children Resemble Their Parents) (Cloning Dolly the Sheep, The Human Genome Project) ( What Is a Designer Baby?, Genetically Modified Babies) ( Raeburn, Genetically Modified Babies, What Is a Designer Baby? ) (Raeburn, Genetically Engineered Babies, Darnovsky) ** ALL CITES ON WORKS CITED PAGE IN PAPER BY SABRINA DEBLAERE
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