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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 7 "dealings" with L&I since 2013, including:Workplace injuries, on-job fighting,substance abuse, independent contractor issues.All hourly projects. Total fees charged: $6094Average fee charged: $870Outcomes: Most are unknown 2 "went away" for reasons other than EquinoxWith current data, its not clear that Equinox's interventionresulted in "cost savings" for client (Ex: fine requested vs fine paid)However, we could have helped in other ways:Education, limiting liability and risk, not revealing more than necessary Voice of the housing industry in the state of WashingtonGain membership through local homebuilders' associations or NAHBEducation Program Numerous Topics: $150 to $300 per session Attorneys often present at these education seminars Legal Program: BIAW contract attorneys answer general ?s for free Acts as attorney referral service for members BIAW Washington Construction Law Firms and BigLaw Sources of Legal Advice for General Contractors L & I Highly SpecializedExpensive, Expertise HELP! State AgencyOffers Free workshops around WA,including contractor specific workshopsNumerous Topics: website MARKETING PIPELINE ? Traditional Law Marketing MethodsReferrals from BIAWIndustry/Client Referrals Weekly emails to members with education program offerings Emails go to all regional homebuilders association membersComprehensive website with class listings Workshops on website No advertising Education via regulatory power Our Experience with L&I? What's next?
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