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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A proposal for policy implementation Gender Neutral Housing: 153 Colleges and Universities within the U.S.have housing policies that could be considered gender neutral. NORTH CAMPUS On its way! Currently, in the state of Michigan; GVSU, U of M, MTU, EMU, MSU and CMU all offer options for gender neutral housing.Wisconsin schools offering gender neutral options include: UW Milwaukee, Lacrosse, Whitewater, and Madison. Along with Lawrence University and Beloit College SIC Day Cigarette Butt Cleanups April 2013 30+ volunteers collected: Transgender students confront a number of challenges within campus environments:-Isolation and rejection-Lack of access to health care -Difficulties with sex-segregated facilities-Neglect of inclusive policies 6,000+ cigarette butts 89 plastic tips 5 cartons State and municipal laws or college policies ban discrimination against people because of their gender identity or expression Formal written policy can guide institutional practice and provide a foundation for ensuring fair, safe, and legal treatment of transgender students ollected in . . . Legal Requirements: NMU Housing and Residence Life Gender Neutral Housing Proposal * The population Gender identity: An individual's private sense of their own gender.Transgender: Individuals whose gender identity, behavior or expression differs from those corresponding with their assigned sex at birth. This excludes, but is not limited to, transsexuals, cross-dressers, and androgynous people.
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