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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Gender Inequality in Migration female Examples of the effects of gender inequality in Migration When examining both countries at either end of the migration gender inequality spectrum to understand why these countries have such extreme gender migration, it all comes down to employment. Even though there might have been push factors such as war or persecution, which cause the migration to be forced, the majority of the migration is due to the employment of the migrant. This also explains why certain countries have an abundance of one specific gender migration: Whatever employment is lacking in the host country will decide which migrants it attracts. Like the examples used in this infographic, Greece nis lackingin household employment and will therefore attract more females as females tendto do more domestic work than men. In the Persian Gulf cities, The oil business isblooming and therefore attracts men. What is/could be done to minimize the gender gap? Comparison between opposing countries at opposing ends of the gender inequality spectrum Closing the gender gap is of crucial importancebecause of the negative effects on a country'seconomy. There are a few key measures that canbe take in order to close the gender gap:- Greater gender equality in Education. This will allow both males and females to qualify for any employment in order to support the economy.- Avoid stereotyping in education, so that both males and females are able to do any occupation.- Support woman-owned business policies in countries with a male-dominant population.Some countries have already taken measures inorder to minimize the gender gap. For example,Qatar and other wealthier Persian Gulf countrieshave started to close the gap by narrowing the gender gap in education. There are more womenenrolled in Qatar's universities than men. This isa step in the right direction. A negative effect of female migration is that womanare likely to face even more discrimination than mendue to the fact that they are a migrant and they arealso female. The gender and status are a perfecttarget for abuse and persecution. A positive effect of female migration is that womanwho come from male-dominant societies"enhance theautonomy and power of women" as the United Nationshas put it.
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