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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Achievement Gender and Primary Socialisation Gender Socialisation Gender Socialisation Subcultures > Ensure girls get sameopportunities.> Teachers encourage careers> Use schemes to encouragehigher aims.This is calledPOSITIVE DISCRIMINATION Mothers tend to readto their young child more often thanfathers.Therefore, boys and girls see this as a more female activity. Girls are more likely to spend their time talking.This develops language andreasoning skills Schools > Boys get treated differently in school. (poor study+ bad behaviour= normal)> Boys are punishedmore often. Boys tend to find interest in playing sportsor doing something more active.This is believed to not helpdevelop academicsuccess In the past, girls had very little access to education,this was because schooling was reserved for boys.However, things have changed and girls are achieving better in school. But why? Schools Boys may belong to an anti-learning subculture. Boys may gain status by exuberant and boisterous behaviour. This often slows down theirprogress in school. double click to change this title text! Education: Culture + Ethnicity 64% 54% In Asian backgrounds,girls are socialised intostrong traditionalfemale roles.This can limit aspirationsand incentives. Job Opportunities Boys believe that thereis a change in 'clearly-defined'identity.There is a change in employment, education and family.In modern industrial countries, there are fewer traditionalmale jobs. So boys have unrealistic ambitions that do not require success at school. E.g football star 64% of girls pass most of their GCSEcompared to 54% of boys.
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