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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Gemini Why is it called Gemini? Where is Gemini located? What objects can be found in Gemini? What are the principle stars? Gemini is a zodiacal constellationin the northern hemisphere betweenTaurus and cancer on the ecliptic. Gemini is best seen in the northeren hemispere from November to April. You can find.......-The Messier 35 is a open cluster of acouple hundred stars that can be seen with binoculars.-The Eskimo nebula also known asthe clownface nebula. This nebulait surrounded by a layer of gas that use to form outer layers of a star similar to the sun. -Every year in the 2nd week of december you will see a meteor shower called Geminids. During this shower you can watch up to 150 to200 meteors fall. Gemini is the latin word for twins.The constellation makes a picture of twin boys Pollax and Castor. The Myth is that the brothers shareda mother but have different fathers. Leda was made pregnant by herhusband King Tyndarus and Zeus who was disguised as a swan.The boys fought many battles together includingThe Trojan war where they saved their sister Helen. On one of their many battlesCastor who was mortal passed awayThis devastated Pollux who wasalways by his brothers side.So Pollux goes to his father Zeus for help. Zeus decides rather than killing pollux, so that he can live with his brother he instead makes Castor immortal. So both of them get to live together as the constellation of Gemini. They are laid side by side so that they can alternate from the home of the gods and Hades. -Pollux is the brightest star in Gemini, with an absolute magnitude of 1.09. Pollux is a evolved orange giant with the stellar classification KO III. It has a massof 1.86 solar masses and a diameter 8 times the sun. It is 33.7 light years from the earth.-Castor is the second brightest star in Gemini. With an absolute magnitude of .59 and is 52 light years away from the earth. Castor is a red giant with the stellar classificationA1V. It's mass is 2.2 solar masses and has a diameter of 2.3 times the sun.-Alhena is a Subgiant A star and is the third brighteststar in the constellation. It has a absolute magnitude of0.64 and is 105 light years away from the earth. Ithas a mass of 2.8 solar masses and a diameter of 4.4 times the sun. Pollux Castor M35 Alhena
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