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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Gelling Agents and Thickeners First Course of Action: If your recipe is in need of just a quick, easy thickener, consider adding ingredients that are already naturally thick. - Heavy Cream- Sour Cream- Buttermilk- Yogurt- Cheeses- Jams- Syrups Recipe still not thick enough? Thickeners and Gelling Agents 3 Different Groups Proteins Gums/Pectins Starches Egg Proteins (Gel/Thicken)Coagulate with Heat Eggs Gelatin (Gel) Must Bloom/Temper gelatin into product. Creates clear, firm gel; minimal aftertaste. Freezer Stable. High Sheen.Inexpensive. Pork product. **If preparing forvegetarian or vegan,do not use. Agar Carrageenan Locust Bean Gum Gum Arabic (Gel) Seaweed Derivative 8x gelling potency of gelatin. Will set at room temp. Must be boiled to bloom. For use in warm weather. Melts poorly, poor mouthfeel. (Thickens/Gels) Seaweed Derivative.Used Commercially; thickens or gels in the presence of milk proteins. (Thickener/Stabilizer) Derived from the Carob Tree, used commercially as a thickener. (Thickener/Stabilizer) Dried, purified sap of the Acacia Tree; clean, flavorless mouthfeel. Xanthan Gum Pectin Cellulose Gum (Thickener) Byproduct of fermentation. Keeps ingredients in suspension,not heavy mouthfeel, snotty if used too much. (Thicken/Gel) Derived from all fruits,but mainly from the skin of citrusand apples. Gels in presence of acidand sugar; otherwise, only thickens.Confectionery/Jams. (Thickener) From Cotton Seeds andWood Pulp, can stabilize proteins and add volume. Adds texture and mouthfeel. Corn Starch Wheat Starch Rice Starch (Thickener) Cloudy gel, masks flavors.Cereal aftertaste, must use quickly. Not freezer or heat stable. (Thickener) Also known asTang Flour. (Thickener) Used extensivelyin Asia to thicken both savoryand confections. Somewhat gritty mouthfeel. Root Starches Arrowroot, Tapioca, Potato(Thickeners) Not starchythickeners, require lower heatto thicken than cornstarch.Very stable. Soft gels. Modified Food Starch (Thickener) Waxy Maize Starch.Chemical or physical mod ofpolysaccharide. Very stable;no issues with acid, heat,mixing, or freezing.clear, clean flavor. No weeping.Does not produce gel. Instant Starch (Instant Clearjel) Stable against acid and freezing. Good flavor,but expensive. Pregelatinized. When choosing a thickener, ask what the initial cost will be, whetherthe starch will mask the flavor,and what the end product will be.
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