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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 By: Garret Lesley3/17/153A Amnesia Diseases An impairment to or lack of memory. Antegrade amnesia refers to a lack of memory of events occurring after a traumatic event whereas retrograde amnesia refers to lack of memory of events that occurred before the event. Medical Defition: Who Does it effect? Symptoms: They will start to lose there memory. 70% of people that have amnesia will forget there childhoodor there family members name or even there own names. In order for the person to get there memory back there family members or they have to go to counseling to see if they can bring back there memory. But half of the amnesia patience that go to counseling does not bring back there memory. No medication or anything for this disease it off depends on the patience with amnesia if they can remember anything Treatment: Counseling: Occupational therapist to learn new information to replace what was lost, or to use intact memories as a basis for taking in new information. Medication: No medications are currently available for treating most types of amnesia. What If Amnesia Not Treated: If counseling threw out the months or years does not work because that or there family members are the only way to gain therememory back, they will forever lose there memory and will forget there past or whatever the do to that day. So like theywill for get there childhood, family members and whatever they did growing up. Facts: 1. Amnesia as a symptom resulting from repression 2. Amnesia was not a psychoanalytical discovery 3. Worst case of amnesia is were the patience will repeat his recent days over and over without even knowing. The most common people to get amnesia, are the ages 40 to 80 years of age.But they are starting to find out it getting more common in younger people doesn't matter on the race, gender,or age but is more common in old folks. Well effect you if you start having brain damage, so if you start getting several amount of concussions over the year that will effect your brain and if you keep injury your brain over time it will not be able to heal over time so there for you have internal brain damage that you can not fix and you will start to have memory loss
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