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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Garment Project Hooded Jersey Knit Sweater Garment Project - Hooded Jersey Knit Sweater Basic or Functional Finish. Mercerization: used on cotton, increase a fabrics luster, strength and susceptibe dye Good coverGood movement and mobilityGood Elasticity and Stretch Good Wrinkle RecoveryGood Insulation, Warmth CapacityGood Strength Medium Pill ResistanceMedium AbsorbencyMedium LusterFair Abrasion ResistancePoor Flammability ResistanceWill Burn/Melt Soft, Fuzzy, and Fluffy HandThicker, Heavy and Hairy Durable and Breathable Jersey Knit Sweater: The face of the sweater is the purl side, while the inside of the sweater is the knit side. Jersey got its name from the Channel Islands. Knits tend to have a higher cost, and are more prone to rolling and snagging. This sweater was made a knit for its comfort and overall end use. Its SPI is 6x8. Yarns are interlopedThey are Novelty Yarns;Cord, Snarl & Slub and Eyelash. The eyelash yarn is the most important to the sweater because it gives it its distinct "hairy" look, as well as its soft, fuzzy hand Hand Wash ColdDo Not BleachIron LowDo Not Dry CleanDry FlatMade in China Hand Wash ColdDo Not BleachIron LowDo Not Dry CleanDry FlatMade in China Yarn Dyed: Sweater has multiple types of yarn, each dyed before the garment was made, during the yarnstage. Varying in color. Direct Dyed. Price of the sweater is accurate with its dyeing stage, it is not as cheap as piece dying or expensive as stock or dope dyed. 70% Acrylic: Affordable, Warm, Soft30% Cotton: Comfy, Breathable $72 So Soft And FluffyAlmost Feels Like A PuppyWith It's Eyelash Yarn And Cotton Knit I Just Want To SnuggleI Love It So Much Work Citied:,_Wholesale/Salary, Origin: ChinaBrought off of Tobi.comDesigner: Designer under Tobi.comAvg Salary: $50,000 a yearConstructer: Chinese Textile WorkerAvg Salary: 40 cents per hourCost of garment: $72
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