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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cloth Construction Garment Analysis This rib weave garment contains many properties that make it a successful pair of shorts. All these properties when combinedcreate a successful garment for it's intended purpose. The high-waisted, stiff structured, black and white geometric yarn pattern, and heavy pair of shorts create a sophisticated and edgy look to convey a professional and fashionable appearance. The bar charts display the strengths and weaknesses of each property. Where the Garment was Made Fiber Content Yarn Type Coloring Method The yarn structure consists of staple fibers because it's made from Cotton. Polyester and Rayon are cut down to staple fibers. This garment is three-ply, because it's made from Polyester, Cotton, and Rayon. This garment is yarn dyed because it's made from individual black and white yarns. This garment is expensive because this process makes high quality garments, and is very thorough. This pair of shorts were about $50 to purchase. This woven garment is a horizontal rib weave. There is a larger ratio of warp yarns than weft yarns. Specifically a 2 to 1 ratio. This garment was made in India, where there are very poor working conditions. Workers are paid low wages of an average of $0.38 an hour.The chart to the left shows the horrible working conditions. Mostly women, and children work in factories to produce garments. The chart to the right shows how low the minimum wage is in India comparedto other countries around the world. The combination of Polyester, Cotton, and Rayon provide excellent qualities that make this garment well rounded. All of the properties are shown on the chart to the left that display the strong and weak qualities pertaining to this garment. Hand Luster Absorbency Strength Polyester Cotton Rayon Cover 57% 34% 9% Finish This garment has an aesthetic finish, which changes the way the fabric looks, feels, and performs. This garment has a napping finish. This fabric becomes more soft, and fuzzy at the surface. Since, this garment is made of Polyester, and Cotton, it's more inclined to have a napping finish. Designer This garment was originally sold in London. It could have been designed in either the U.S. or London. It was designed by the brand, "Ecote." This brand is frequently sold by the company called, "Urban Outfitters,"where I bought this pair of shorts. Hand Heavy, firm, and rough. Warmth Capability Cover Hand Luster Abrasion Resistance Absorbency Flammability Resistance Pilling Resistance Strength Warmth Capability Wrinkling Resistance Cover Hand Abrasion Resistance Absorbency Strength Wrinkling Resistance Drape Elasticity Hand Luster Flammability Resistance
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