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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 20132012201120102009200820072006 Garibaldi More Facts Increase in awareness of the causes of malaria Information Matthew BartushMs. PhamMarine Biology: Block 44 May 2015 The scientific name of the Garibaldi is Hypsypops rubicundus.Kingdom: Animalia--> Phylum: Chordata--> Class: Actinopterygii--> Order: Perciformes--> Family: Pomacentridae--> Genus: Hypsypops--> Species: rubicundus Size: Up to 14 inches long. Feeding Behavior: Eats mostly sponges, coelenterates, bryozoa, worms, and nudibranchs. Range: Along the coast of California from Monterrey Bay down to Baja California. Found in large numbers off Catalina Island. Migratory habits: None; does not migrate. The Garibaldi is the California state marine fish and is protected from fishing since legislation was passed in 1995. They are very territorial and a chase off trespassers. Their name comes from famous Italian general Giuseppe Garibaldi, who was known for wearing bright red shirts. They have a relatively good relationship with humans; conservation efforts are being made to protect them and they are protected by law from being fished. http://www.montereyb -guide/fishes/garibaldihttp://www.netstate.c om/states/symb/fish/ tails/183367/0 07_05_California/califo rnia_2007.htmhttp://www.sportdiver. com/photos/california- diving-spot-garibaldi-fi sh They reside in kelp forests. http://www.montereyb -guide/fishes/garibaldihttp://www.netstate.c om/states/symb/fish/ ca_garibaldi.htmhttp://www.sportdiver. com/photos/california- diving-spot-garibaldi-fi sh 07_05_California/califo rnia_2007.htm
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