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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Public Service Announcement Twitter claims to be building a safer twitter. This Public Service Announcement Sponsored By Andy Kaufman's Kavalkade Krew, A Satirical, Commentary and Newsfeed Non-Commercial Blog. Fair Use Doctrine Applies Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Claims To Be Taking Personal Responsibility Empire Avenue Leader Gareth Davies Openly Tweets That He Cannot Be Blocked on Twitter.Empire Avenue Brand Manager/Administrator is in tweet conversation thread whereGareth Davies makes this claim.That Gareth Davies cannot be blocked has been independently confirmed and this datamade available to @Twitter support via submitted tickets.How Can Twitter claim to be building a safer Twitter when a person who is not in lawenforcement cannot be Blocked, thereby negating a safety feature @twitter has installedto protect users.This is how Empire Avenue allows their customers to be treated.That Twitter allows Empire Avenue to abuse their customers (most Empire Avenue customers also have @twitter accounts) is appalling.Just fix it! Stop the abuse! Empire Avenue is an online game with a 3 year documented history of attacking and/or allowing attacks on it's own customers by moderators, other customers or leadership. Many of these attacks take place openlyon @twitter. Example of an attack by Gareth Davieson another Empire Avenue customer. Gareth Davies has been suspended by@twitter previously for violent threats and tweeting the private information of yet another Empire Avenue customer. Gareth Davies was (and still is) in leadership at Empire Avenue How does @Twitter trust Empire Avenue with @twitter's customers safety and privacy?
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