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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lisa Brown EDU305 November 24, 2014 IthinkbetterwhenI amalone Logic-Mathematical:Enhanced ability to think logically. Knowledge of numbers and numerical thinking. Good atadministeringPersonalityTests Linguistic:I enjoy the use of language in all forms My MultipleIntelligences: I could be a good journalist I am good at reading mapsand I rarely get lost new places I think I am skilled at carefullyapproaching a problem and considering all possible outcomes Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences Strengths &Personality Traits Ways to utilize these strengths in the classroom Intrapersonal:I have a defined senseof self and an acute inner voice. I am innately aware of how my actions may affect others. Rationale and examples of how this fits my perceptions Students with strengths in mathematics/logic may find interest in logicpuzzles, mysteries and group activities thatrequire reason and deduction. Activities that involve the useof language, such asReading aloud, writing or story telling will "speak" to studentswith these strengths Spatial: I have a sense of "place", I can visualize locations and directions. I am a visual learner. I tend to excelin activities thatrequire the writtenword. I believe I communicate effectivelyand I enjoy reading storiesas well as writing poetry. I feel this is a strength and a weakness. Because of my heightened sense of place, I had a difficult time adjusting to using online textbooks. I thrive on reading books that exist in my space. I memorize important info based on visual cues in the book as well as where I was when I read it. I nowtake extensive notes from online texts to give my self that balance. I would never have considered myself "mathematical". But I do analyze nearly everything, and I reason well. I am also able to perform mathematical equations in my head (by visualization). References:Berk, L (2011). Infants, Children and Adolescents. Pearson. Retrieved from the University of Phoenix Online ebook Database.N.I.U. (2014). Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Retreived from Students with advanced intrapersonal skills will benefit from daily Journal writing. This allows for the precious alone time they need, and also givesthem time to reflect ontheir experiences, enhancingtheir understanding of "self" (Berk, 2011). Creating Portfolios of school work, Scrapbooks of accomplishments, or designing organizational methods for note takingare all activities that draw on "Spatial" awareness (N.I.U, 2014). I agree. I am very self aware, almost to the point of being overly self conscious. I work better alone, with minimal distractions, and I take responsibility for myself and my actions. Logic/Mathematical Linguistic Spatial Intrapersonal
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