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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BOARD GAME GAME START will What YOU Gain when my classroom? you leave Ready THE for next the grade! MISS CARMEN'S = + % * - - > > - 3.14 1 7 0 5 2 CLASSROOM Students within this classroom will develop a growth mindset. [1] Move four spaces. Students will learn that intelligence is not fixed at birth. [1] Students will learn to recognize and replace judgmentalthoughts like "I just can do math" to "I am going to learn howI can improve on math". [1] Students will learn to embracechallenges, obstacles,criticisms, and failures asopportunities to improve. [1] Students will take part in creatinga safe environment for themselves and for their peersto learn in. Move four spaces. Within my classroom, studentswill know that I will like them as a person. And not just because they do well in school. [2] The classroom will be a placethat expects, recognizes, andcelebrates different learning styles. [2] Students will learn the difference between empathy and sympathy. [4] Move three spaces. Students will share in both creating and upholding classroom rules and expectations. Each student will be given a voice to ensure an environment in which they learn best.[6] Students will learn to create better connections to othersthrough the use of empathy. [4] Empathy will teach students tobecome capable individuals who can create solutions to their problems. [7] 1st Edition Students will be given the opportunities to learn how to effectively collaborate with their peers and to motivatethemselves to stay on task. Move seven spaces. Students are more willing to do work if the assignment is related to their interests.Students will be givenfreedom of choices. [8] Providing a challenge to students can help to stimulatetheir thinking process and keep them engaged. [8] Allowing students to control their decision making, content, and roles in the group willproduce more responsible learners. [8] Allowing students to share different learning strategies and perspectivescan enhance individuals' thinking. [8] Students are more likelyto stay on task if theycan see purpose inthe assignment. [8] When students learn that their works willbe publicly displayed,pride, ownership and motivation increases. [8] In order for individuals to be engaged within tasks of morecomplicated thinking, motivationto work can increase through self-direction. [3] Monetary motivationprovides good performancefor only mechanical tasks.Therefore, other means of motivation must be usedto engage students in critical thinking. Motivation can beincreased when studentsdesire to better themselves. [3] Individuals who are able tocontribute outstandingly to a project finds purpose to stay motivated. [3]
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