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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Issue: Gambling What is the Problem? Where does it come from? Are there any positives to gambling? No. So there is a problem in itself, It is an industry built on making revenue at the expense of people seeking a dopamine rush.However, money is not the main problem with this issue. It is the affects on the individual gambler away from the casino that is harmful to all society.Many people can easily become addicted to gambling, which links back to the dopamine rush that is released from the risky behavior that gambling entails. -prioritizing gambling before other things such as school or work.-the mental stress is very unhealthy-generally financially punishing-damage to reputation-personal problems with family and friends Why is it a problem? But I don't gamble, how am I affected? Well, it is said on statistics Canada that there are approximately 200,000 problem gamblers in Canada alone.These are people who will literally gamble until they are out of cash.Then once out of crash, they run up a huge debt on their credit cards.Thennnn they file bankruptcy which clears all their debts.But how does this money disappear?It doesn't. There is a reason credit card interest rates are about 18%.Because everybody has to pay for problem gamblers. Net Gaming Revenue per Adult 2011 An average revenue of about $600 per adult Canadian.There are about 23 million adults in Canada.That would make a total revenue of about $13,800,000,000Yes. $13.8 billion. What is the best solution and how does it solve the problem? Ban all forms of wagering and gambling. Too simple? I think not. If people couldn't legally wager their fortunesI believe bankruptcy rates and poverty rates would deplete accordingly.However, as said above, the $13.8 billion of revenue the government earns gives a large incentive to keep gambling legal.As a result of this, it is likely in order to stop gambling, taxes would have to raise in order to make up for the lost revenue.
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