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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Galactosemia A rare genetic metabolic disorder that disables the ability for one to metabolize the sugar galactose properly Ovarian Failure CAUSES: Lactose is broken down in the body by enzymes into glucose and galactose. Typically, both sugars would be broken down further but if you suffer fromGalactosemia your body does not have the enzymes to break downgalactose; ultimately causing a build up of this sugar creating many problemsin the human body. Cataracts of the eye Galactosemia. (2015, February 23). Retrieved March 2, 2015, from (n.d.). Retrieved March 4, 2015, from Galactosemia. (n.d.). Retrieved March 4, 2015, from Australian Galactosaemia Support Network. (n.d.). Retrieved March 4, 2015, from Guide-Galactosemia. (n.d.). Retrieved March 4, 2015, from Enlarged liver PROCESS: Brain damage double click to change this header text! galactose TYPES - classic glastosemia.- galactose 1 phosphate uridyl transerase enzyme.- affects GALT gene. 1 2 3 - galactokinase deficiency- galactokinase enzyme.- affects GALK 1 gene. - galactose epimerase deficiency.- UDP galactose epimerase enzyme.- affects GALE gene.
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