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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 515 127 of California's annual water supply comes from groundwaterin normal years. 515 40% 127 The number of groundwater basins in California. Source: 60% of our water supply can come from groundwater in drought years. Groundwater in California The number of groundwater basins ranked by the Department of Water Resources as priority basins. 95 Priority basins account for 95% ofthe states annual groundwater pumping. 127 515 95 Overpumping groundwater can have devastating impacts including land subsidence. The land subsidence in the San Joaquin Valley has been termed the greatest human alterationof the Earths surface. 2020 2020 The year in which basins experiencing overdraft must have a plan illustrating sustainable groundwater use. As we embark into the fourth year of a serious drought, the percentage of water coming from groundwater is even higher than 60% and is much more than can be replenished naturally. California has been the only Western state without a comprehensive groundwater management system. 2020 The year basins experiencing overdraft must have a plan for sustainable groundwater use. Sources: Sustainable Conservation
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