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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is Global Warming doing to Earth? There are many different causes of Global Warming But the effects are the same for all causes. Deforestation: The loss of trees reduce the amount of plants to help us capture carbon dioxide that returns oxygen.Burning the wood also releases carboninto the air. These individually can not act alone, there is a mix between the different causes. 1. Carbon Dioxide emissionsfrom burning fossil fuels,and cars. Power plants are responsible for 40%,and transportation is responsible for 33% of CO2 release. *Recursos Electronicos - SBJ Carbon Dioxide 3 areas con mayor numero de titulos 2. Natural Man-Made 73% Permafrost: Solid, frozen soil. Locks carbon and methane beneath it. Plantsrarely grow because the soil doesn'tthaw enough for plants to live and grow. 1. 2. Sunspots: Dark patches on the sun that changes the radiation levels. This causes short-term warmingcycles. The area around the sunspot release more radiation. Effects 1. High Average temperaturesThis can cause a change in plantlife. This will also melt ice capsat our poles increasing the sealevel.Amount of evaporation willincrease along with rain fall. 2. Wide spread extinction of speciesHabitats are effected by the climate change. Ones the depend on ice will melt, and deforestation takes awaymany homes of tree living animals.
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