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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 George Washington lived at Ferry Farm near Faredricksburg WA. When his dad died he left the family land and slaves. George was 11 and went to live with his older half brother. George had tutors and attended a school ran by an Anglican priest. With extra time George taught himself to use surveying instruments. his brothers wife provided him connections to wealthy people who needed surveying work done. George was married to Martha Washington and had step children but no children of his own. 1. He was mad an honorary citizen of France. 2. no body will ever rank higher than him in the U.S military. 3. he never chopped down the cherry tree it was a myth in his biography. 4. he was an inveterate letter writer. 5. He was a non president commander in chief. george washington was the commander in chief of the continental army. Washington and the continental army escaped total destruction in the new york campaign. They had a great triumph against the hessian forces at trenton. George Washington Family life information Role in the american revolution Sucesses and Failures fun facts about George washington Victory over the hessians at trenton but lost more battles than he won george wahington served as a president from 1789-1797 He was born on February 22, 1732 in Westmoreland county VA He died on December 14,1799 due to an illness called cabin fever Years of Presidency year died and how tap and hold to change this header text! family life Birthplace and date tap and hold to changethis text!
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