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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is Plagiarism?GSW started with a very important lesson that we should always remember. Plagiarizing is a serious crime thatcan and should be prevented. We learned strategies to prevent this is like, paraphrasing the information we get and citing all the sources we used. Essay 2 Aruging a Position Playing PianoThis piece of work had us talk about one of the hobbies we are passionate about and attemptto convince our teacher, Amanda Rzicznek, to take up our hobby. To me, this was our easiest writing piece.We were given the chance to write about some thing we enjoyed doing and so I felt Icould have written many pages without trying. Essay 1 Lessons in GSW Elaine Zhang Plagarism Proposing A Solutuion Essay 3 Invasive SpeciesI had trouble in this piece. Looking back, I realize that my topic honestly had no real solution. Invasivespecies is a global issue that affects so many people all over the world, and cannot be stopped because stopping it requires a complete pause on transportation. Justifying An Evaluation Essay 4 Evaluation of Article: Will Online Learning Lower the Price of College?In this essay, we had to decide what made an article viable for use or not. Most people willlook up things they don't understand on Google, however the means trusting the words of others.Who is to say that the articles that we looked up are actually true? Here we learned how to judge an article based on not whether if we liked, but if the information in the article is true.
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