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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2000's 1950's 1970's 1960's 1980's 1990's 1940's Slim SkirtsBoxy Suits White T-ShirtsMotorcycle JacketsBlack Leotards The Postwar Era Ankle SocksPower SuitsTunics Over LeggingsFingerless Lace GlovesPenny Loafers Material Girls Saturday Night Fever Leotards with Wrap-Around SkirtsPantsuitsT-Shirts with LogosLegwarmersWestern Boots Flower Power Minimalism Back to the Future Maxi SkirtsOversized SweatersTunicsHigh-Waisted ShortsOveralls Urban Fashion MiniskirtsBell BottomsT-Shirts with MessagesTie-Dyed ShirtsPeace Signs Expressing Evolution 1940's - 2010'sGiordanna Rossini The Great Depression & World War II Low Rise PantsBlazersTank TopsSkinny JeansArchitectural Shoulder Rolled-Up Blue JeansUniformsHalter Tops Military InspiredSquare Shoulders 2010's This time line is showing an overview of my fashion philosophy and how I view it as a whole.I believe fashion is continuously influenced by past generations whether it is bringing a style back, or recreating a trend according to current interests. I do not think someone can understand the entire realm of fashion without being familiar with its sub categories. Fashion involves cultural significances, haute couture, movement influences, fashion trends, symbolism, fashion icons, rebellions, etc. With that said, I chose to express how fashion has evolved in order to display fashion's performance and how it led us to where we are today in the fashion world. Baggy PantsHooded SweatshirtsBare Midriffs Puffy JacketsDesigner AthleticShoes
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