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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Caste System EQ:how does the Caste System work? Questions: Notes: Summary: This visual was made by Gracelyn SchmidtThis visual is also about the Caste System and how people are treated during that time.I hope you enjoy! Explain the jobs of every group in the caste system (meaning brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas, Sudras, and the Untouchables)? Who are the main groups in the caste system and who are the ones that are treated poorly? If you had to be a Untouchable. What would you do? -Brahmins- Brahmins are at the top of the pyramid. They are at the top because they are priests. They run religion and are in charge of religious cerimonies. -Kshatriyas-Kshatriyas are below the Brahmins on the pyramid. They are the warriors of the whole Caste System. They are in charge of running the government and the army. Back then religion was more important to them. -Vaisyas-Vaisyas are below Kshatriyas. Because they are known as regular people. Their common jobs are farming and merchants. -Sudras-Sudras are below the Vaisyas. They are also the largest class in all of India. They are known as unskilled labors,slaves,and servants. -Untouchables-Untouhables are the ones that get the dirtiest jobs of them all. They are sometimes not included in the caste system because of how badly they are treated. BrahminKshatriyasVaisyasSudraUntouchables Many tried to caste out the caste.
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