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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 v a r s I t y MAKEUP How do you think this SEASON went OVERALL? POST SEASON junior senior PTC 1 st POST SEASON SEASON OVERALL? How do you think this went v a r s I t y MAKEUP 1 st NEOISGGL BOYS G O L F GIRLS 1 PTC GIRLS TENNIS MAKEUP v a r s I t y SEASON How do you think this OVERALL? went POST SEASON G O L F Ended theirseason atthe state tournament in Columbus,finishing fifth. 16 wins 14 wins Ended theirseason at the district tournament in Hinckley,finishing seventh. Michael Kenneyqualified to the state tournamentas an individual. 3 4 As a team we improved and did really well. st -Paige Pfeiffer -Genevieve Underwood Everyone stepped up this season especially since we lost a lot of seniors last year. We wanted to win a final PTC and that's what we did. It's disappointing we had to finish with our worst tournament, but we had a great, consistentseason that was a lot of fun, including a record setting 294. -Evan Ferrara sophomore junior senior 2 2 1 junior senior 2 2 sophomore 4 16 wins 4 losses I think we had a successful season, but we dropped the ball when we need to play our best. -Coreena Wise I thought the season went very well, although I am disappointed about our team not making it to states. I was very happy forMichael though! -Nick Mandalari Hinckley, OH Columbus, OH This season was definitely successful and really fun. Even though we didn't play how we wanted to at state, the season alone was something to be proud of. -Chloe Wise Solon, OH Ended their season in Solon at the sectional tournament.
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