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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 OH FUCK, I THINK I'M HAVING AN EXISTENTIAL CRISIS Luckily this Goat has a PHD Technology is not ever going to have a brain. That means you can't Google the answer, you can't post boring congratulatory anecdotes on Facebook thinly disguised as self deprecating or off-hand commentsposted in some absent minded search for meaning you can't book at flight to a foreign country and then post the shit on instagram, you can't find the answer on the App for meaning, can't watch a movie about it and nobody gives a fuck that that this will be 6th year you will have been blogging *just do it when you're with comfortable ppl, don't have to work the next day and not feeling suicidally depressed or anything. 31% 51% 11% 22% 14% I WIL NEVER LOVE YOU I AM NOT YOUR FRIEND TECHNOLOGY CANNOT LOVE YOU 2.LOOK AT HOW YOU MEASURE TIME 3. Take LSD & EXPAND YOUR PERSPECTIVE OF REALITY.Seriously all the greatest thinkers throughout history took something. GOAT OF TRUTH Read more books - using your brain as a weapon is cheaper than using a gun. And people won't think you're a gutless dick for having one. Your subjective experience of time. According to studies, people accurately judge whether a dot appears on the screen for shorter, longer or the same amount of time as another dot.However, when the dot increases in size soas to appear to be moving toward the individual --i.e. the dot is looming -- something strange happens. People overestimate the time that the dot lasted on the screen. This overestimation does nothappen when the dot seems to move away. Nor shall I
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