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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Genetically Modified Organisms Genetically Modified Organisms Pros about GMO'S Cons about GMO's -GMO's are making plants become better resistant to weeds,pests, and diseases such as corn - Better yields to have a better use of land, a less use a herbicides and other pesticides - Makes foods that havebetter texture, flavor, nutritional values, foods with a longer life span - The genetically modified corn was never intended for the use of human consumption. It was originally meant to be used for pig feed (GMO's) -Genetically modified foods are able to create a necessary sustainableway to feed the world corn - BT toxin is designed tokill pests that eat thecrops, but causes allergies to humans - These drugged foodsare usually fed to animals that are being slaughtered,and are now being consumedmy humans - The pollen from the modified plants couldspread and infect theother surrounding plants GMO's have a negitive impact! Athena Athena tomato's being drugged tomato's being drugged My conclusion to these GMO's is that there are many issues with the genetically modified organisms and foods people have been producing, with growing related issues and the consumption of these crops. These modified organisms never had the intention of being consumed by humans but was meant to be feed for animals when they were to be slaughtered. These GMO's have a negative impact on environments, and I think we should just keep growing our foods the way we always have using farms pig being slaughtered
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