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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Dark Energy+ Dark Matter= 95.1% of the universe Regular matter only acounts for 4.9% of the universe. Fritz Zwicky is the man who discovered dark matter in 1933 at the California Institute of Technology. He was also responsible for the discoveries of neutron stars and supernovas. Vera Rubin made discoveries supporting Fritz Zwicky's thesis, At Georgetown University in the 1970's.She was on of the first women of her time to get a PhD. In 1954 at Georgetown University.She was also responsible for uncovering the discrepancy between the predicted angular motion of galaxies and their observed motion.In the prossess of doing this she discovered that the glue holding the galaxy togetheris dark matter. Dark Matter double click to change this header text! Dark Matter has no mass and it cannot be seen or touched. The only reason people believe it exists is because of its gravitational effects on most other objects in the universe. Dark Matter is what holds our galaxy together. Galaxies are heldtogether by Supermasive Black Holes. According to Newtons laws,the stars closer to the black hole should be moving a lot faster but they aren't. All thestars in our galaxy move at generally the same speed. This is where dark mattercomes into play. Dark matter creates a gravitational pull that keeps all the stars glued together in a sence so that they are all moving at the same speed. Astronomers say that there are more stars in the Universe then grains of sand on Earth. So if stars Make up less than 4% of the universe then Imaginehow much dark matter there is < ByGrant Hoffman
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