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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Familial Context Familial Context Body Body Social and Social and Composition Composition Genetics Genetics Biomarkers Biomarkers Blood Blood and Sleep and Sleep We are recruiting 3000 families with children of age, a critical window for shaping Our intervention is delivered through Registered Dietitians trained in Motivational Interviewing to tailor behaviour change counselling to each unique family. Our Health Educators are trained Motivational Interviewing behaviour change counselling Microbiome Microbiome Diet, Activity Diet, Activity The Guelph Family Health Study is a prospective, cohort study designed to help reduce the burden of obesity and chronic disease by: 25% of adult Canadians are obese What makes this study unique? Starts early in life Personalized Behaviour-based Long-term 18 months-5 years healthy habits to last a lifetime. to each family. Genetics Genetics of Canadian children (2-5 yrs) are either overweight or obese Canada is facing a problem ... BIG to tailor unique Direct cost overweight and obesity in 2010 4.1 % of Canadas total health care budget. $6 billion GOALS: 1) early life risk factors for obesity and chronic disease. 2) family-based strategies to promote the establishment of healthy behaviours early in life. in Collect data from families for 20 years The solution? To capitalize on the diverse expertise at the , we will explore a range of early life factors from genetics to the social context. 26% University of Guelph family-based Testing Identifying
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