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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 GENETICS IN EYE COLOR BROWN BBGG results in the darkest Predominant in humansand in many populationsit is the iris color More than of the world has . of the world has brown, hazel, or amber eyes Although they are , in some parts of the world they are rare In of the populationhas or parents canhave a babybecause parents probablyhad a bbGg which shiftedto the lighter side of hazelinfluencing the blueThe child is bbGG and the presence of the two G alleles confers a brownin this instance 90% GREEN bbGG results in very / hazel eyes need abG allele to cross with a bG or bg HALF The eyes need a BG BG cross over darkest green have moderate to low amounts of melanin and are ofter associated with RED HAIR Only of the world has 2% strangely more prevalentin WOMEN Most common in the population Ice land ic Also in and ancestors Ge rm lt Ce ic an are influenced by lighting and mayappear to changein different lighting, or to reflect clothes and makeup 80% Ice land Predominant ONLY HAZEL defined as the midway color between the and LIGHTEST BLUE DARKEST BROWN have a amount of melanin in the anterior border of the iris LARGE different lights change them from a to or medium gold dark green May have multicolored irislightest in the center of the irisand dark or in the outer part BLUE true can be produced from a genotype bbgg ONLY have become increasing in America land Ire land Eng need parents from , and are recessive RARE 30% THIRTY years ago of American babieshad statistics have changed to every Northern Europe It is believed that all ancestors share on common ancestor 6 in 1 GRAY blue Darker than true GRAY EYES LESS contain melanin than color is determined by the density of the proteins and the amount of melanin in the iris onia Est Finland nia Lit hua Want to find out more about your eye color ? Or what eye color your kids will have? Latvia predominant in , , , ,and , Rus Go to: double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. KEY: GLOSSARY: B: Brown eyesb: blue eyesG: darker green/ hazelg: lighter green/ hazel Allele: One of two or morealternative forms of a gene that arise from the mutation and are found at the same place on the chromosome. Also called an allelomorph.
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