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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 GRAPHICS & DESIGN FEB 15 Department Opening Rexam Studio Go Live Proofing Activity Customer Approvals CER Payback Customer Rating 80% 20% CER delivery £148K (6 months) CER Commitment £157K (12 months) "Great experience, amazing waiting room to work while we wait. Well prepared staffwho always try their best to find a solutionfor us" 19th Feb 2015: Heineken Spain CUSTOMER MARKETING INTERNAL 16 5 3 310 93 64 37 Luton Fosie Reck. Enzesfeld Moscow Customer Approvals 11%Studio Costs -1%Average Cost -10% Enzesfeld relocates to Luton in March 15 310 95 93 Fosie Mar 15Mar 15Apr 15Apr 15Apr 15May 15May 15Jun 15Jun 15Jun 15Jul 15 Print studio approvedPrint studio liveINX on site1st design createdItaly centralisationPrint guidleines (Brau)Berlin centralisationRexam award design & reproD4S launch (sharepoint)Master standards (testing)Spain centralisationPlant setup procedureLEN file upload (test)Ink standardisation Customer expectations award1st commercial designInternal studio approvedAustria centralisation FEB 15 Jul 14Sep 14Sep 14Sep 14Sep 14Oct 14Nov 14Nov 14Dec 14Jan 15Jan 15Feb 15Feb 15Feb 15Feb 15Feb 15Feb 15Mar 15 Rexam remote studioCommercial proof (repro)1st commercial design Ink studio liveCustomer Invoicing (P&L)Grids standardisationDIC on siteIn house studio LutonMaster standards liveHD Contract proofsLEN upload complete Approvals by location
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