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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources right wing MUGA is the Multi Use Games AreaThe PTA gave almost£27,000 to this project.It's used daily by the children and means theweather doesn't stop ourchildren being activeoutdoors. Every class has an allocated iPad to use on a daily basis,plus we have dedicated iPads for Little Explorers and abrand new suite of iPad Minis. This means by simply using Apple TV linked to theInteractive White Boards in each classroom, ourchildren can have a truly technologically enhancedexperience every day.And of course we have a suite of Kindles too, reducingthe ongoing cost of buying lots of copies of the same books. Some supported the The PTA help put the Great inGreat Berry Primary School The PTA funded the animal enclosure thatis now enjoyed byall the children. Every class has a raised bed forgrowing their vegetables and plants.Plus there is a brand new Green Houseso we're looking forward to helpingthe children learn more about whereour food comes from, and gardening in general. Now, our teams all look thepart too in their GBPSbranded kits, paid for bythe PTA. We are all about theschool but the PTA is also a great way to make good friends.So join us and we promise lots of funand laughter. We're not just about buyingthings, we also put on funevents for all the children toenjoy like Discos, Pantos,Workshops and more. Shopping online?Help raise money by The reading circle withthe wood carvings andtoten pole as well as thesession to see the Woodcarverin action, were all fundedby the PTA. And this is only a small selection,we're always investing in the schooland your children. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Be connected: Give your Year Repyour contact details Follow us on Twitter@greatberryps Like Great Berry PTAon Facebook Join us & have some fun
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