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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Digital Cities: Promoting growth,Public service productivity & Entrepreneurship Challenges Challenges 1. Aging Populations by the total number of adults over 60 will have 2050 Doubled 2. Digital Natives demanding more Less than 25% of citizens from the European nations analysed, have confidence that their governments can deliver 50% Europe already accounts for of the world's social security expenditure Solutions! Solutions! By promoting the 5 above principles, cities can overcome the challenges of aging populations and a confidence crisis from their demanding citizens. Digital Pioneers Digital Pioneers cities have been able to uphold these values and are setting the trend for others to follow. 5 exemplar cases show us how simple it is to innovate Digital 1. Digital cities are always connected to their natives 3. Digital cities - making the invisible, visible 4. Digital Cities unlock the power of their digital assets 5. Digital cities look forwards, not back Digital Cities need to think big, start small and scale (+fail) fast Digital Cities need to think big, start small and scale (+fail) fast Trust & Accountability - Building The NYC council makes much of its data publicly available, and works with Columbia University from Big Data -Data used to locate & prevent structures fromcatching fire, preventing illegal waste dumping &stopping illegal cigarrette trade Intelligence & Insight Performance Culture - Management50 sources of data enable cross-agency analysis. Not only is it used for assessment, but also for praising those who perform Creation & Design Co- Co- Design of services - Citizen-Centric Inclusion & Empowerment - Highly Productive Operations & Workforce - London identified million that could be saved by managing underground assets better for investment & Catalysts Growth Smart ecosystems with other actors Motivated Digital Public Workers - in Public Mission effectiveness Services - Singapore aims to be the world's first digital nation. Its IDA organisation has already funded 10 different Social Innovation projects New economies from the A Strategic Approach - Washington D.C's 'Grade DC' Project relies on sentiment analysisto comb data from a myriad of social networkingwebsites in order to grade all of its 15 agencies A team of 70 sit behind the project, which usesthe data to provide live feedback to departmentswho have then changed their practices The new system allows the mayor to receive feedback directly from constituents and make direct changes. It also highlights good performance 2. Digital cities get a bigger bang for their investments £5.6 Through the 'Digital and Organisational' programme, the city identified opportunities for hours of additional paid employment per year 2.2 million the analysis team assessed over 75 different private projects & worked with the best to benefitEast London Internet of Things - The IDA has connected over 8000 poor households to the internet, with over 95% of homes with students now having access public employees are motivated through the accredited courses launched by the IDAwhich will give them new digital skills
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