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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Book Gabi haagenstad. Period 4B Book was published in 2011 Theme: The theme is about friendship, and living when times get hard. Setting: Oklahoma, in the 1930's. Many days pass in this book, weeks at most. Jack Catcher: lost his mom to the dust, and his dad to suicide. He is a good kid who wants to leave Oklahoma.Jane Lewis: lies a lot, tom boy, oldest sibling, mouthy.Tony Lewis: jane's younger brother, understands some things, but not complicated stuff. This story is about three kids who lost their families in the dust storms. The kids try to go to Texas to escape the dust. But on their waythey run into Bad Tiger, and his gang of three (was four but one got shot and one stole Tiger's money and made a run for it "strangler"). So now there's two. They traveled, against their will with Bad tiger and Timmy. One night they escaped and ended up at a nice lady's house. The kid's mission is to warn the gangster that stole Tiger's money and make it to East Texas. Their traveling to East Texas cause two of the kids have kin there. In the end everyone lives and Strangler put thatmoney he stole to good use. One of the kids, the girl, leaves the boys at the nice lady's place with only a note to explain why she left. Strangler mailed the money back Population of Oklahoma in the 1930's: 2,396,040Oklahoma's population today: 3,850,568 Average pricing of food in general 1930Milk=10 cents/qtbutter= 28 cents/lbbread (20 oz loaf)= 5 centsPrices: 1lb steak=20 centsdozen eggs= 18 centsmeat= 22-29 cents ____________________________prices today: Bread= $1.5-$3.50Milk= $3.00-$3.50eggs= large-$1.37, medium- $1.10, small-$1.07meat= $4.25 Did u know?-People helped hobos bygiving them food and lettingthem inside their house. -white dust=Texas, Red dust= Oklahoma, darker=Kansas/Nabraska-qtr. Million teens rode trains or hitchhiked.-grasshopper plagues would sweep over farms and eat everything (23,000 insects/acre) -"okies" only 1/5 were actually from Oklahoma Boiling springs state park, Woodward, OKCCC made it,
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