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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The G.R.A.P.E.S. of Rome G R A P E S Rome is a peninsula.The only river near Rome is the Tiber River. Rome was built on the seven hills, which provided great strategic advantages during war, and also made defending a lot easier. Long ago a princess gave birth to twin sons, Romulus and Remus. The princess's uncle was Mars, God of war and king. He was afraid they would grow up and take his throne, so he ordered his men to drown them in the Tiber River. Before they drowned, a wolf rescued them. When the boys grew up they built a town on the banks of the river, but they fought over who should rule. Romulus killed his brother and b cam King and named town Rome. They got their religion from Greece- but they changed the named of the gods and goddesses. To please the gods goddesses they often sacrificed animals and left gifts of food in temples. If someone is injured the Romans would leave a small offering at a temple in the shape of the injured body part. Art- historians often speak of "Greco-Roman" art because the Romans were especially influenced by the art of the Greeks. They painted frescos which often showed as 3-D landscapes and other scenes. Roman art also includes architecture, painting, sculptures, and mosaic work. Architecture- Romans learned how to use the arch, the vault, and the done to build huge structures. Romans were the first to make use of concrete. The grand style of Roman buildings has inspired many architects through the centuries. Engineering- They were the greatest builders of roads, bridges, and aqueducts. They didn't invent the aqueduct, but once again they learned the technique and expanded it on. The Romans influenced us greatly. The Pax Romana was a long period of peace that lasted for 200 years. The leaders were: Caesar, Augustus, Cleopatra, and Mark Antony. In 509 B.C.E. a group of patricians rebelled. They drove out the last Etruscan King and replaced him with a republic. Their trading was not very advanced- it was primarily based on agriculture and trading goods. They used a trading system at first. (Silver) coinage was introduced during the republic.Land travelers traveled in carriages, litters, and chariots or on horses, mules, camels, and donkeys. Rome's main trading partners were Spain, France, the Middle East, and North Africa. Many of the poor Romans crowded into tall apartments, or lived in an apartment above the shop they worked at. While wealthy Romans loved in houses made of stone or marble. If you grew up in Ancient Rome your schooling would depend on the type of family you were from. Th main foods were bread, beans, spices, a few vegetables, and cheese and meats. Favorite drinks were plain water, hot water with herbs and honey, and wine.
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