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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Future planning My three major goals Iowa State University interior designer Miami Florida Is roughly what I'd be paying for college. Goal setters will or will not achieve more than non-goal setters, because settlers with goals increasing motivation to reach set goals (Latham, 2004). These mechanisms are inputs that affect behavior in groups or individuals, which serve to increase attention to a goal, energy in pursuing a goal, persistence in achieving a goal, and ability to strategize to reach a goal. When an individual or team can focus attention on behaviors that will accomplish a goal, they also divert attention away from behaviors that will not achieve the goal (PSU, 2012). More education does typically lead to higherearnings and more job opportunities, there aremany other more personal benefits. Highereducation better equips you to navigate your way in life. You learn more about yourself andthe world around you. It boosts your confidence, improves your communication skills, keeps you feeling young, makes you feel alive, and keeps the blood coursing through out your veins in a figurative sense but, apparently, in a literal wayas well. All of this leads to happiness, less stress,and greater self-fulfillment each linked to health and longevity. Cites $12,480.00 $36,000 Is roughly what I'd pay to live in Miami Florida. My long-term goal is to be an interior designer. I have set up a number of short-term goals to help myself achieve my dream. One of them is to complete my general courses at WIT orMorningside Community college and then latter be transferred to Iowa State University for my interior design courses. In the time being,I would end up renting a small apartment andgetting a part time job to support myself. Afterfinishing collage, I plan to move to Miami Floridawhere I would get a job as an Inter designer. I wouldend up, looking to renting apartment until Im caught upon my school loads and then find a small fordable decent house for myself. Brittany Arens
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