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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 for Funding What is Music Therapy? a and based clinical therapy a board-certified professional creates an individuated and goal driven treatment plan address the clients needs music as a therapeutic tool. Music Therapy Music Therapy isResearch EvidencePracticed Let's talk about Funding! Music Therapy is growing in the field of therapy. Here's a chart from the American Music Therapy Association Websiteshowing how people get funding for theirmusic therapy services! As Music Therapy grows and becomes known to meet treatment needs, more and more funding is becoming available. In 1994,music therapy was identified as a reimbursable serviceunder Partial HospitalizationPrograms (PHP). Falls underActivity Therapy Falls under community support,rehabilitation orhabilitation services available in: Private Funding According to the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA), 20% of Music Therapy services receive 3rd party reimbursement. Like from: Accountability is key! Music Therapy services must provide: 1. Individual AssessmentWe address many different areas of need including: cognitive, emotional, physical, social and communicative.2. A goal driven and documented Treatment PlanWe are an Evidence Based Practicewhich means that all of our treatmentscome from research, practice expertise and client based values.3. Must be pre-approved or with a Physician's referral or partnership with another approved service.Music Therapists can assist other therapistslike OT, PT, and Speech Therapists with their services. While progress has certainly been made toward providing more options for clients when it comes to financial support, Music Therapist all over the world are still pushing for more support for their clients. Today, AMTA works hard with many other music therapists and organizations to facilitate more reimbursement for clients Credit Where Credit is Due The American Music Therapy Association at http://www.musictherapy.orgInfographic made using by Savannah Jaska
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