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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 - Business is still in idea/conceptualisation stage- Capital needed for: product development, patent filings, research, market surveys, and cover initial operating cost. - Main Aim: Get your business off the ground. Assemble a talented team of people and achieve product development milestones- Capital from: Founders personal funds, family, friends. - Many venture capitalists do not invest at this stage because of the high risk. - Angel investors may invest in exchange for a high equity in the company - Company is generating some revenue but has yet to earn a profit.- Company brings in its first outside investors Angel investors / Venture Capital Funds- Capital needed for: scaling of product, hire top talent, business development efforts, build larger user base. - Typically investors purchase around 50% ownership in the company. - Business model is now viable.- Technology risk is removed- Company has started seeing profits- Funds needed for: Further develop marketing plan, operational development, establish strategic alliances in the market, further product development, venture into other countries (markets)- Private equity investors / Venture Capitalists - Company has been proven a success in the market- There is a potential for a larger market- Exceptional management in place- High rate of growing profits- Funds needed for: expand companys operations at a faster pace, venture internationally, make acquisitions Series A Series B Series C What Type Of Funding Does Your Business Need? Seed
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