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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FUNDAMENTALS OF ENTREPRENEURIAL BUSINESS FUNDAMENTALS OF ENTREPRENEURIAL BUSINESS POINTERS ON HOW TO START, RUN AND GROW A FIRM POINTERS ON HOW TO START, RUN AND GROW A FIRM 3. All businesses are startups first and should be true businesses later.The product/service needs to be tested to fits the framers standards and meet unmet needs.Every potential customer needs to give feedback for the potential business to play by.Before a plan can be launched, it needs to be favored by its target customers. 6. It is bad for business and for life in general to look at things from one perspective.Empathize with people to better see their needs.Think of multiple ways to draw conclusions and meet needs.Looking from different perspectives helps improve ones creativity. 5. Creativity is perhaps the most useful tool for business.It builds upon knowledge to create and improve on even absurd sounding ideas.Creativity, goes beyond one's perceived knowledge and singular perspectiveWithout creativity, we would live a life of repetition and a lack of change for the better. 4. A business life depends on the system, not the people in it.There must be people who can work within a system and tools for them to use.Document, test and improve thew system as trends and lifestyles change.The best systems deliver the same desirable results to its customers and uniqueness. 2. Entrepreneurs work on a business, not in it.The entrepreneurs main focus is to look for and create opportunity and make plans to improve it in the future.Innovation should be done based on what the customer wants and what his/her point of view is.If your plan does not make things easier for you or the customer, it is not innovation. 1. Not all small businesses are started by entrepreneurs.People have started and failed businesses based on technical expertise.They did not know how to run a business like they knew how to work in one.Know how a business works, the risks of starting it, and how to make it work without making it a burden. By: William French III
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