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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Senat e Powers according to the Constitution: Rules and Procedures: *Allows senators to debate at length and preclude a simplemajority from ending debate. *There are 100 members. *State representatives serve a 6-year term. *The main speaker is the President Pro Tempore, or the presiding officer (Vice President of the U.S.). House of Representatives Power to impeach government officials. * *Power to elect the Vice President of the U.S. if necessary. *Power to create new legislation--bills, laws, etc. *Power to consider any legislation and bills introduced by thePresident. *Power to try any impeachment proceedings by serving as judge and jury. *The Senate has the most power to debate, modify, andblock proposals. Originiates revenue laws because the HOR is believed to be closer with the public and contains more representatives. * Most influential member is the Speaker of the House.* District representatitves serve a 2 year term.* There are 435 members.* There is limited debate on the floor.* Power to participate in joint Committees alongside senate members. * Power to introduce laws&legislation that deal with revenue and taxes.* Power to choose the President when electoral votes are tied. * Rules and Procedures: *Power to ratify treaties with a majority vote (2/3). *Power to review and confirm/reject presidential appointments. Powers according to the Constitution: Functions of the U.S. Congress Functions of the U.S. Congress
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