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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lidership SystemThinking Strategic Thinking ExplainDecisions Provide direction Understand where Organization is Heading Understand OP Understandstakeholders andwhere you are UnderstandingSystem parts Listenothers Where are we going? What are we doing? Organizational Politics (OP) How they work as one? Architect Soft Skills Set Should include Valuable and different ideas Simplifications-details Comunicated to stakeholders Understand non-rational influences on decision making Helps to eradicate problems Make decisionsResolve conflicts Those will not go away Motivate Mentoring-TeachingProvide freedom Set an Example Should include CreateAbstractionsand Models Should include Long term goalsSolution developed Techniques and thinking processes Setting - achieving the business priorities-goals Strategic perspective ARGO Understand theindustry, market,costumers... Understandstakeholders needs Balance needs to create solution Should include Influence the organization Interpersonal skills, networking capabilities Should include Communication Human Ralations PersonalDinamics Pragmatism Translate ideas Hub of communication Communication between theteam and themanagement Communicate with all the team, across barriers.Solve problems. "Better be smart than right" Known and be aware of thedifferent personalities, during stages. Be aware of different behaves ofthe team in the stages Team Dinamics ATIDiseño de SoftwareFabricio Soto M 201250955I Semestre 2015
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