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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Frontal Lobe FUNCTION POSITION The Frontal Lobeis the top and frontpart of the human brain Phineas Gage Fun Facts Frontal Lobe - The Brain Made Simple. (n.d.). Retrieved January 3, 2015, from Kean, S. (2014, May 6). The True Story of Phineas Gage Is Much More Fascinating Than the Mythical Textbook Accounts. Retrieved January 4, 2015, from Phineas Gage is one of the most recognizablepatients in neuroscience because he was theone who allowed huge discoveries to be madeon the brain and more specifically the FrontalLobe. He was working to pack down gun powderwith an iron rod to blast holes, when the gunpowder exploded and blasted the iron rod through his skull leaving him almost perfectly fine except for his personality and mannerisms.They changed him into a new man The Frontal Lobe is resposiblefor many higher level thinking skills such as solving problemsand making decisions andregulating consciousnessand emotion The Brain: Understanding Neurobiology. (n.d.). Retrieved January 4, 2015, from The Frontal Lobe is commonlydamaged, but people can still livewithout a full intact Frontal Lobe.It develops who we are. TheFrontal Lobe is the last lobe todevelop both eveloutionary andbiologically. The Brain - Basic Information. (n.d.). Retrieved January 4, 2015, from
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