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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 From This to This Infographic The reformation was started after the Catholic Church was found out for it's sneaky crimes. They started selling Indulgences (paying for sins to be cleansed. They used the money from the indulgences to create the grand church of Saint Peters. They were also caught being corrupt by selling high positions for money. They were found out by one man named Martin Luther. In response, he created a set of thesis on how a Christian should live. These were called the 95 Thesis and were posted on the doors of a German church. In order to get his ideas throughout Europe, he used the invention of the printing press to publish his thesis. More people started following him. Martin Luther was then charged of being a heretic and excommunicated from the church. The group of people that preformed the excommunication was known as the Diet of Worms. A man named John Calvin started the reformation in Geneva, Switzerland. He wanted to make it into the perfect idea of the Catholic religion. In order to do this, all laws were based on the bible. These laws were very strict and it is the reason why the Calvinist Religion is so stretched out, The next person to start a reformation was King Henry VIII, King Henry had no problems with the Church. However, the Pope would not allow him to divorce his wife and he didn't want to share his political power. He asked Parliament to assign him head of the new religion known as Anglicanism. He made this the official religion in England. In fact he went so far as to closing down Catholic Churches and taking their riches. The Catholic Church made serious reforms to try to win people back. They clarified teachings, corrected abuses, and tried to win people back to the Catholic side. This movement was known as the Counter-Reformation. The Council was known as the Council of Trent, who gathered in Trent, Italy during 1545. The goal of the church was to combat corruption in church and fight Protestantism. The effects of this led to war and persecution. Many people were killed because of their beliefs. It lasted for 30 years and were fought because of religious and political reasons. Catholics fought Protestants and Protestants also fought Protestants. After years of fighting, they signed a preface treaty known as the Peace of Westphalia. It created boundaries bec
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