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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Shifting... From Print Newspapers While most people move to digital use, their are still some who stick to readingprint newspapers andmagazines. Books Magazines ~Portable and inexpensive~Printed daily or weekly~Informs the public of important events taking place ~Features longer articles or stories as opposed to newspapers~Contemporary writers can introduce their books~Published monthly and on high-quality paper~May specialize in certain topics: science, health, fashion, etc.~Most are designed to provide entertainment ~One of the earliest waysto reduce illiteracy (textbooks) ...To Going Digital Online Newspapers Online Magazines Electronic Books . ~Gives readers "power" to choose whatthey read~Same with E-books, online newspapersare more accessible~News is now available almost freelywith no paper subscription ~Access is no problem if phone or tablet is available~Great for portable, on the go (No need to bring stacks of magazines)~Costs less to publish stories online~Ability to share stories quickly ~E-books are more accessible ~Many titles can be stored on phones/tablets~Less space used to store "books" Print and digital reading material are at an equalstand point. It all depends on the preferences of the publicto ensure the "survival" of the mediums of information. ~Can hold large amountsof information~Vital and sacred throughreligious books ~Comic books & picture booksare good first experiences for reading Physical reading material washow most people got their information.But the use of the Internethas changed how we get andshare information.
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