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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The structure of this book gives details about the sequence of events that surroundthe Odessa Panthers during their intense season. Friday Night Lights H.G. Bissinger A Town, a Team, and a Dream When football goes in Odessa, then everything will go.-Tony Chavez p.180 Playoffs Odessa rallies behind the Panthers Rookie quarterbackbegins to show promise Everyone is frustratedwith the team's inexperience Start the season Coach challenges team to give it everything they've got Racial and politicalissues surround theteam and the town Panthers The setting of this book is a little Texas town called Odessa. The people of Odessalove football and are thirsty for a state championship for their high school football team, the Panthers. At the start of the new season, their coach pushes them tocome out of the new season so that they could get to the playoffs and win the state championship. Many of their strongest players had graduated, so they would need to make a new lineup with a new, inexperienced quarterback. After the Panthers almost lost a game to a rival team, the coach gives them an intense lecture. He lets them know that if they really wanted to win a state championship, they would need to step up. The whole town rallies behind the team and everyone seems to be interested in what is happening on the football field every Friday night. Even though they worked really hard, and played like a championship team the whole season, they lost in the semifinals in a hard fought game that ended their long season. Even though they didnt win, they learned the value of hard work and determination. Unified team experiencesdevastating loss in theSemi Finals This quote is an observation from the father of a new Hispanic player. It shows howimportant football was to the town. Ronald Reagan was the president at the time andall of the people of Odessaloved him. They were patrioticand opinionated about politicalmatters. Odessa is a rural town in western Texas. The high number of immigrants caused some racial tension among the football players and the townspeople. Even though the team wasruthless and hard hitting onthe football field, they still found time to pray beforeand after every game. Panther Pride!
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