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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 French vs Mexican Revolution French vs Mexican Revolution 1789-1799in France 1910-1920in Mexico "Full membership of the state denied to Protestant and Jewish minorities." "The Mexican Revolution began as a movement of middle-class protest againstthe long-standing dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz" "One of the hallmarks of a liberal progressiveviewpoint was pronounced anti-clericalism." The main people who revolted consisted of the third estate and parts of the second estate. "Venustiano Carranza, the aristocratic state governor turned rebel." The French were made up of three estates. The wealthiest being the first. The second wealthiest being the second. And the majority of poor people were the third. How they organized How they organized How they overthrew the government How they overthrew the government How the governent responded Comparison between the government before and after the revolution How the governmentresponded Comparison between the government before and after the revolution They revolted because of unfair taxes, and bias towards the first two estates,"What is the Third Estate?" wrote Abbe Sieyes(a clergyman). "It is everything!" Nobody took them seriously though. "The PRI, the party that was born in the revolution, held onto power for decades." Before, people were ruled by a dictator. The Mexican Revolution was,"an uprising led by Francisco I. Madero against longtime autocrat Porfirio Díaz". "The Mexican Revolution destroyedthe old government and army of the dictator." "There is not one peon out of twenty who cannot tell you exactly what they are all fighting for: Land."-John Reed 1914 "On May 25, 1911, Mexican President Porfirio Díaz resigned and left the country." After the revolution there was an, "establishment of a secular and democratic republic that became increasingly authoritarian and militaristic" Before it was an absolute monarchy. People had violent outbreaks against government officials and peoplewho were against change in France. Thiswas known as the Reign of Terror Estates started by meeting together and the Third Estatecreated the NationalAssembly. They talked about change in France. The king and queenfled to Austriato try and get more military forces tofight, but they were captured and laterbeheaded.
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