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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Haitian Revolution French Revolution French Revolution 1789 - 1799 1794 - 1804 V Who Revolted? S Why Did They Revolt? The Third Estate Slaves They wantedequality and todiminish slaveryafter the Frenchbanned slavery. They had no sayin the gov't and were starving due to inequality. The Third Estate quickly organized with theTennis Court Oath, which was the tipping point of the Revolution. The slaves would secretlymeet to form plans,and after France outlawed slavery, Toussaint L'Ouverturejoined the slaves and helped lead them. How Did They Organize? The Third Estate were brutal and used violence in orderto get what they wanted. They killed gov't officials and destroyed buildings. How Was The Government Overthrown? The slaves based their fighting off of the French's and used their anger against the French gov't to fuel them in battle. How Did TheGovernment React? The King "tried" to calm the people in order to protect his crown. The King and Queen tried to flee France and bring backan army to attack. How Did The Government Change? The monarchy was destroyedand in its place rose a dictatorship. The people urged Napoleon totake charge after the war and he improved education and tax codes. "You are exterminating the monster aristocracy,& pulling out the teeth & fangs of its associate monarchy, a contrary tendency is discovered in some here" Napoleon fought back to regain power over Haiti. Napoleon's armies viciously battled against the slaves. Slavery was gotten rid of and the slaves gained human rights. Haiti became independent of France, but is left in poor economic and social state. "this Assembly shall immediately take a solemnoath to not separate, and to reassemble whenevercircumstances require, until the constitution of the kingdom is established"
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